Month: April 2020

Golf Cart – Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to the Golf cart, there are a lot of questions many people ask. There are common questions like what’s the best golf cart to purchase? What’s the cost of a golf cart? Which is better, an electric or gas golf cart or a good golf push cart? What’s the best brand you can pick? If you’ve wondered what the answers to these questions would be, then, I’m assuring you that you’ve gotten a breakdown, and that’s the purpose of this guide! So let’s quickly begin

1. What is the best golf cart to purchase?

The best golf cart is the best one you can afford! But how would you maximize your purchase, either you are considering a new or used golf cart? Decide first, what your budget is, and whether you need a new or used golf cart. After validating this, what’s next? The cost!

2. What’s the price of a Golf Cart?

The cost of a golf cart differs. For example, an average used cart would start anywhere around $1600 and a fully-loaded brand new golf cart will be up to $10,000. For a golf push cart, it’s much more cheaper around $200. For the list of golf push cart you can check it from Of course, it’s based on whether the cart is electric or gas, the number of seats that it has, and the performance. But regardless of all this, the most critical question to answer is if the cart is new or used.

What is the cost of a used Golf Cart?

Your budget should be between $500 to $5,500. What is the cost of a new golf cart? Your Budget should start from $7,000 upward.

However, there are a few perks to buying a brand new golf cart. Just like there are in buying a brand new one car.

These include your car coming with a warranty; you will have some accessories professionally install it for you, you will spend time driving and not fixing your cart, some accessories wouldn’t be available.  

Below is a summary of new and used golf carts.

Used Golf Carts:

  • It is often the cheapest and smartest financial option. Though it should be based on thorough research and a reasonable amount of diligence when making your purchase.
  • A few of them have lingering maintenance items, but they could be sorted out with new parts.

New Golf Carts:

  • It is more expensive but can make the cart the right way you want it.
  • They come with a new warranty either from the manufacturer or the dealer.
  • It is entirely reliable, and you don’t need a fortune for maintenance
  • Cosmetically fresh and perfect
  • Golf cart accessories might not yet be ready for brand new carts

3. Electric or Gas Golf Cart?

Well, when it comes to deciding whether to buy an electric or a gas golf cart, you are required to narrow down your choice by determining a few things instantly. You need to answer these questions:

● What will I need this cart for?

●           What vehicle range will be required to complete this task?

●           What type of power will I need?

The gas Golf cart is best for commercial groundskeeping maintenance; it is excellent for outdoor facilities, riding around the neighborhood, and general indoor application.

An electric golf cart is best for hunting, luxury resort living, country clubs.

An average range for a gas golf cart is 110-175 miles per tank, and it is excellent for a complete day’s work or multiple trips, can be refilled any time in any gas station.

Electric golf cart ranges from 15-25 miles per charge, and it is dependent on battery and voltage, it is best for short trip and recharge can consume several hours

Gas golf cart requires 10-15 horsepower engines on average.

Electric golf cart requires 4.5 to 6 horsepower.

Benefits and drawbacks of electric golf cart


Low maintenance


Nice and quiet

Electric Drawbacks

Limited range

Underpowered in comparison gas carts

Lower resale value

Gas benefits

Additional power

Better Range

Higher resale value

Gas Drawbacks

Higher maintenance and higher maintenance cost

Smelly and noisy 

4. What is the best brand of Golf Cart?

When it comes to premium golf cart brand? We have these contestants in the market: They are EZ-go, Yamaha Golf Carts, and Club car. Some folks might prefer one brand over the other among these three, but trust me, these three brands are excellent pick because they perform excellently.

Other secondary brands are around too. Examples of these are Start ev, Gem Car, and Columbia Par Car. These cars make exceptional vehicles; also, sadly, their parts and accessories can be difficult to source. Which of the golf cart will have its accessories and replacement part available and accessible? The answer is, the three top brands. Well, it would be nice to think about the model and year you are getting. Because the older the cart, the more difficult it would be to get the accessories.

5. Where to Purchase a Golf Cart?

Now that you have your budget and you been able to verify the brand and type you need, yes, what’s next? You have to decide where you will be buying your golf cart.

It is common to see golf carts at some of the country’s premier country clubs. These used carts are gently used on pure cart turf and path and are usually well maintained by the leasing company. But after three years of utilization at the country club, these carts reach its end of their lease, and then, the company will sell them to wholesalers.

These wholesalers often buy in bulk from the leasing firm. They will then sell these carts at a considerable discount to wholesalers, and the price is often better than new ones. Once they’ve been bought, they are made available for purchase either online or offline.

For new cars, all you have to do is just to search for the nearest golf cart dealers. You can pick a dealer based on the ratings. On a trustworthy golf cart forum, start your search there. Examples are Cartaholics and Buggies Gone Wild. This gives you sufficient information on golf carts and this forums have sponsors that are trustworthy dealers to begin your search with.


Now that you have gone through the guide, let me remind you of the essential things to note about Golf cart:

  • Ask yourself if you want new or used golf carts
  • Ask yourself the amount you are willing to spend
  • Ask for the type you need – a gas or electric golf cart
  • The brand of a golf cart that you prefer
  • And where you can purchase new golf carts.

Both electric golf carts and gas golf carts coming from a reliable brand will make a fantastic machine. Just ensure that you understand the type of carts you could afford and plan the amount you will need to enjoy the cart. Interestingly, Golf cats hold their value well. So, ensure that you are investing in the best types.

After making your purchase, be sure to maintain it regularly, the more maintenance you give, the more long-lasting your golf cart will be. So, don’t go overboard, trying to purchase the most expensive golf cart. Just be modest and neat!